You can send directly an email to us which is described explicitly in our site.

You can declare to your email that there is a need for professional photos for your art piece. We will arrange with one of our partners to come to your space and take some professional shots for the site. The overall cost will depend on the demands of the art piece in order to be well promoted.

The hosting of just one piece for 1 month is always for free for our artists. From that moment and on, depending on the number of paintings and the duration that will be agreed, there is an initial subscription cost of 7 euros per month and includes the promotion in the site and the social media.

The selling of each painting independently of the number and the duration of the hosting in our site, have a commission of 20% over the final retail price.
It is without doubt, that the commission will be paid only in case the painting will be sold and will be finally owned by the buyer.

Yes sure. The services, include the promotion in our site with the specific characteristics of the art painting, its story behind, the CV of the artist and the promotion in the social media. Apart from that, tailor made campaigns can be arranged which have to do either with a fiesta or an exhibition individual or collective, in collaboration with various galleries.The associated cost will be agreed with the artist or his representative always a priori.

More Questions?

While we try to post the answers for all the frequent questions, there might be more specific questions that are impossible to cover in this section. In this case, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any question you might have.