Painting is silent poetry

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Unique artworks for all of you who love and live through art, by distinguished artists whom we host at Art & Cart in order to make your life more beautiful with their artwork.

What We Offer

For Art Lovers

You can find and buy what you really like and excites you, and can decorate your space with the artworks we host from renowned artists or from beautiful collections. A work of art, in addition to the decoration and the serenity it offers to each owner at a glance, is also a separate investment for the future, which unlike many market assets, never loses its value and retains high resale value in all economic periods.

All of our artworks are genuine and certified and always remain a unique choice for you.

For Artists

Through our site, you can advertise your work, promote yourself and we can run for you targeted campaigns to an extended audience and customer base, electronically and via live presentations and exhibitions, in order to discover multiple potential buyers for your paintings, investors or collectors through a wide range of partners and visitors of our site.

Art Promotion for all

Even if it is all about artists or people that love and want to promote art pieces or the work of well-known artists, our site offers unique opportunities of promotional marketing in order to target a specific audience and the right buyers in the world art marketplace.

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