About Us

Ο επικεφαλής του Art & Cart, Μελέτης Ρεντούμης

Meletis Rentoumis is an economist and analyst and an art paintings collector. He decided with a team of partners to create a unique electronic art space, where everyone could promote art pieces in a professional way. Either individual artists or through collective exhibitions and partnerships with various galleries of Greece or abroad, professionals can have their own point of reference with Art and Cart.

The goal of this accomplishment is on the one hand to demonstrate the value of the art itself, in order for everyone to be able to admire it by visiting our site, but on the other hand to give the opportunity to hundreds of artists to show their work in a prominent and systematic way, to help them find their own art house and expose and advertise their art in the world.

Finally, we have to say that it is all about an accomplishment that begins from the love for art and ends up to people who love and are involved in art and want to promote everywhere the ideals of art and paintings.